Why use totaljobs

It's not just about numbers

We’re one of UK’s leading online job boards and we’re used by 1 in 5 jobseekers: making over 3 million applications a month. 38,000 new and updated CV's registered with us each week. They have an average of 170,000 jobs a month to choose from, posted by thousands of employers. They’re companies who include some of the biggest: Amazon, Sky, DHL amongst many others.

But totaljobs is about more than just impressive numbers.

We believe it’s about bringing these people together to their mutual satisfaction. No one wants to waste their time. No one wants to have their hopes dashed. So we’re constantly developing our search and match technology and our clever targeting and branding products.

It produces an impressive level of success – for both recruiters and jobseekers.

  • With totaljobs, employers are 32% more likely to hire a candidate
  • They’re 46% more likely to shortlist a candidate for interview
  • The jobs on totaljobs receive almost 46% more applications

Based on an independent telephone survey conducted by TNS Global in Q4 2015, comparing the performance of top UK job boards.