What essentials should you include in your job ad?

1. Job title – Keep it simple

  • The job title is the most important part of your job ad. It’s the first thing a potential candidate will see and especially important on mobile, where candidates skim search results before applying for jobs.
  • Consider what your ideal candidate will be searching for. Our unique search engine is job title and skill specific.
  • Avoid using jargon, acronyms, abbreviations and unusual job titles. Candidates usually search for their current or desired job title.
  • Be precise. Use a clear job title and don’t mix multiple roles or levels e.g. Junior/Senior.
  • Candidates can be put off applying if they are unsure what the job is or if they are at the right level.
  • Include your job title organically up to 5 times in your advert content to for maximum visibility. Only do this where it appears naturally in sentences, not as a list of words.

2. Location – It pays to be specific

  • In a competitive market, jobs with a broad location are likely to be overlooked in favour of those with more specific information – ideally a full postcode – that will help them plan their commute. Jobseekers can now see the fastest route between them and the job using our Travel Time feature; where the full postcode has been provided. Better informed jobseekers increases the likelihood of receiving applications from relevant, potential candidates.
  • Jobs with a full postcode attract over double the applications as those posted to a town or county.
  • Also, if a job isn’t definitely within a candidate’s search area, it won’t be shown in results e.g. Southwark +10 miles won’t include a job posted to ‘London’ because it could be anywhere in London, so an ambiguous location means you may miss out on ideal local candidates.

3. Salary – encourage jobseekers to apply for your job

  • Jobs with a salary displayed on the job ad attract up to 20% more applications.
  • Our research shows that candidates are more likely to respond to ads with a specified salary over "competitive" or a wide range.
  • Promote your perks e.g. pension, healthcare in the salary description to make your job stand out.

4. Spelling and formatting – always proofread your job ad

  • Spelling errors look unprofessional and can impact a jobs’ visibility in search results.
  • Ensure that it’s easy to read – avoid long blocks of text and use bullet points where possible. Avoid using all upper case letters in job titles, sentences or paragraphs as this reduces readability.

5. Make it mobile friendly – over 50% of job searches are made via mobile

  • All pages adapt to any screen size and we have mobile-friendly features, like auto-suggest and the ability to upload a CV from the cloud.
  • Our fully responsive system lets you manage job applications wherever you are, from any device.
  • If you redirect applications to your own website or applicant tracking system (ATS), make sure the application is easy to complete on a mobile phone. We highly recommend integrating with ATSi Apply – a tool which preloads applicants’ details and CVs directly into your system. Check with your Account Manager to see if your ATS is already integrated with our system.

StepMATCHTM is our job title and skill matching technology which powers and underpins all search results.

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